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Ruey Loon studied Computer Engineering at the National University of Singapore and spent ZERO days working as one. His passion led him to pursue photography immediately after graduation and have been creating images since 2002.  

His work is mostly corporate in nature, but at times is he is called for solving technically challenging shoots. Such as 360 degree immersive videos, 3 months long time lapse, high-resolution museum copy work etc...

Ruey Loon’s personal works focus on the subject of man and its surroundings. He documents man's relationship with the environment he lives in and the attempts made to assert its' top position in the tree of life. His works show the actions of man and explore the creation of man’s habitats and the uneasy balance carved out from nature.

In recent years, his work has been exhibited at the Singapore International Photo Festival 2016 and the Pera Museum, Istanbul 2018. 

A shy and introverted creature, more often found huddled at the safety of home than out in the scary world of networking.




The Singapore Road Photography series features pedestrians taken against recognizable scenes around Singapore. Each image shows a group shot created from the subjects as they were, brought together through the action of the photographer. 

The series seeks to create a moment to observe the similarities and conjunction of their different purposes in a scene that straddles between the reality and fantasy. 

In creating the series I wanted to impose a sense of disbelief and engage the audience into taking a deeper look a the image, into the study of how the scene came to be and the consideration of the possibility of such a scene existing. 

If the road and the walk itself is taken as a metaphor for life, these images further trace the universal theme of life’s journeys, struggles and our march towards the future with its serendipitous encounters and missed connections.