Moments Apart In a Foreign Land - Japan

This series was exhibited as a solo show at Kay Ngee Tan Architects Gallery in 2007

As a photographer he confides that he is not privy to a special way of seeing; on the contrary, he intends to record things as seen by everyone else. Ruey Loon documents everyday scenes, not to reveal "inner beauty" but to accert intrinsic ordinariness as a virtue in its own right. REcently his work has become more process-driven, incorporating elements of performance while exploring projects on the passage of time. His influences include Art ConneXions peers Sherman Ong and Terence Yeung, as well as Wolfgang Tillsman, Paul Graham, Rinko Kawauchi, and Mami Iwasaki.

Moments Apart in a Foreign Land is an investigation into the state of being Ruey Loon felt during his extended period away from home, in a "foreign land." While spending time away in Japan, he felt profoundly disconnected from the time and place of his surroundings. From this detached vantage point, however he was able to experience and distill "moments" in his environment in a purer and more basic way.

In Moments Apart, images arranged in a diptych format explore the complex relationship between man and nature. By documenting two points of his journey and placing them side by side, Ruey Loon represents the distance between them without directly showing it, resulting in the documentation of moments which exist outside of the photograph that are both real and re-imagined by the viewer

Julia Benjamin